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The Risk Dashboard - the early warning sign for your small business

Written by Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce | 02 Aug 2019

Risk Dashboard is a risk and case management platform designed to manage business risks and deliver growth.

Designed specifically for SMEs, the Risk Dashboard helps business owners identify threats and vulnerabilities that are likely to have an impact on the organisation and provide them with the support they need to manage these risks.

We spoke to Neil Campbell, Commercial Director at Risk Dashboard to find out more about how the platform benefits SMEs, as well as how it can help Chamber members to grow their business.

What is the Risk Dashboard?

“Risks, threats and vulnerabilities are evolving all the time and can be crippling for small businesses. What Risk Dashboard does is allow business owners to conduct an audit of their business and identify where their pitfalls are. It’s simply a set of logic-based questions with a weighted algorithm that looks to identify first of all, the things an organisation isn’t doing that they are legally obliged to do, then everything else is all about directing users to apply best practice and governance.”

But as Neil goes on to explain, it’s more than just an audit tool.

“The Risk Dashboard allows a business to manage actions identified by the audit, by providing access to resources stored within the Dashboard in the form of links, downloads and templates that can assist them in self-correcting in a given area. What we are trying to do is help businesses to address these risks before they have to go spending money reaching out for help.”

“You can assign tasks to people in the dashboard too. For example, the HR module can be assigned to the HR Manager to complete. You’re then managing your business and the risks by letting people know what they need to do.”

“75% of the businesses that complete our audit have no processes or procedures in place to account for GDPR. Cybersecurity is another high-risk area, and it is small businesses that are hit the hardest by cyberattacks. And when you look at what’s being talked about in the market today, many small businesses don’t have processes in place to recognise the signs of mental health or stress in the workplace. Yet the cost to an organisation of somebody going off sick with stress is considerable.”

While it’s not an HR platform, the Risk Dashboard does have a lot of functionalities that small businesses can utilise without having to spend money buying one before they can afford it.

“There is also the ability to store documents. If you’re a small business that employees 10 people, the cost of having an HR platform is typically around £50 a month. A health and safety platform is another cost, and so on. What we are doing with the dashboard is complementing small businesses by allowing them to manage their HR processes. For example, if you wanted a blank appraisal document, you could download one from the HR module in the dashboard. You then complete the appraisal and save the completed document back in the dashboard and set a reminder against it for when the next appraisal is due. There are lots of utilities in there by way of blank forms and templates that businesses can use.”

There are plenty of applications in the marketplace for things like KPI dashboards, but as Neil explains, there isn’t anything out there for SMEs, aside from Risk Dashboard, that looks at your business processes.

“It’s a unique and thought-provoking risk platform that allows SMEs to manage their business at an affordable price point.”

For a more detailed overview of how the Risk Dashboard works, take a look at the video below:


How can Chamber members benefit from the Risk Dashboard?

Not only can the Risk Dashboard help small businesses manage risks in their own business, but there is also the opportunity for Chamber members to grow their business through the ‘Help Request’ functionality.

The ‘Help Request’ functionality connects users of the Risk Dashboard to approved experts. If a business completes the audit and identifies a need to improve their SEO, for example, they can use the Help Request button to get in contact with SEO experts. When someone uses this function, it is received by Justin at the Chamber, who will then put them in touch with a Chamber member who could help.

As Neil explains, “This is an exciting benefit for companies that are either existing members or considering joining the Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce. The Help Request functionality can work effectively as a free lead for a Chamber member with the relevant expertise.”

Ultimately, the Risk Dashboard has been designed to manage business risks and deliver growth not only to the business owner but to the business community in general. This can be a huge benefit for companies who choose to become a member of the Chamber.

If you are interested in finding out more about joining the Chamber or would like to learn more about member benefits such as the Risk Dashboard, please contact Justin.

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