How to Complete an ATR

An ATR document enables goods to qualify for tariff preferences on imports and exports between the EC and Turkey. Comprehensive information on ATR’s can be found in Customs Notice 812.

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ATR Completion

Box 1 – Exporter

Full name and address of UK exporter needs to be inserted. For exporters not based in the UK, include, their named company representative in UK.

Box 2 – Transport Details

Completion is optional.

Box 3 – Consignee

You are recommended always to insert the name of the consignee but you do not have to.

Box 4

This box is pre-printed. Ignore.

Box 5 – Country of Exportation

Name of country of export should be entered.

Box 6 – Country of Destination

ATR can only be used for exports to Turkey. Cannot be used for Turkish Republic of North Cyprus.

Box 7 – Transport

Transport Details (Optional)

Box 8 – Remarks

Put one of the following endorsements, where necessary .Otherwise leave it blank.

“Duplicate” – Insert this if you applying for a duplicate ATR for example because the original has been lost. You must explain the reason in writing why you need a duplicate. Provide details (such as number & date of issue of the original certificate). Box 8 needs to be endorsed with “Duplicate”. If possible, serial number & date of issue of original ATR should also be inserted in this box.

“Issued Retrospectively” Exporters needs to explain, in writing, why a certificate was not
requested at the time of export and declare that a certificate has not previously been issued for goods. Copy of export declaration should be provided. Box 8 should be endorsed with the phrase “Issued Retrospectively”.

“Replacement of movement certificate ATR” See section 4.9 of Notice 812.

Box 9

Needs to be completed with description of goods, marks, numbers, quantity and type of packages. Details must be consistent with commercial invoice.

Number and kinds of packages for example bales, cartons, drums – For goods
in bulk which are not packed insert “In bulk”.

Description of goods

Identify the goods by giving a reasonably full commercial description, for example “photocopiers” or “typewriters” instead of “office machinery”. However, if the invoices give full identifying details (which need not necessarily include details of the marks and numbers of the packages) only a general description is necessary

Unused space

Draw a horizontal line under the only or final item in this box, and rule through the unused space with a “Z-shaped” line.

Box 11 Gross weight or other measure

Imperial measure will be accepted but exporters are recommended whenever possible to give quantities in metric measure.

Box 12 – Customs Endorsement

(Endorsement will be applied by the Chamber) the customer will leave box 12 blank.

Box 13 – Declaration by the exporter

Must be signed and dated by the exporter. Place and exporter’s name should also be included. A forwarding agent can sign if it has prior authorisation from the exporter.


Accompanying Documents

Applications for ATR should include:
• Commercial Invoice
• Single transport document, if goods are to be shipped through a non EC country
• For goods with a value of more than £1000 a pre-lodged export declaration or plain paper C88
• Or acceptable exporter statement where no export declaration is available

Please note that we cannot:
• accept any correcting fluid on the ATR
• initial amendments when we stamp them
• accept signatures that are not original

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