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Wyboston Lakes Resort continues to be More Sustainable

Written by Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce | 20 Jun 2024

The latest sustainability initiatives at the pioneering venue

‘More Sustainable, No Apology continues to be the ethos driving Wyboston Lakes Resort’s unstinting commitment to introducing new initiatives that make the venue more sustainable.

The current focus of Phase Two of its Green Energy Roadmap is now approaching completion. Along with storage batteries, a total of 3065 solar energy panels are being installed on the roofs of The Woodlands Event Centre, The Willows Training Centre, the Waterfront Hotel and the Knowledge Centre, an investment of £2.3m. Once this is completed – in the next few weeks, the Resort will have in total 1.4 Megawatt hours of solar panels and 1.1 Megawatt hours of storage batteries. A new video shows clearly how the work on The Willows Training Centre has been completed.

By contrast, a spectacular Living Wall containing more than 5000 plants has recently been installed and planted, creating an attractive new sustainable feature that also helps the environment. Compatible with this is the introduction of bee hives across the site, managed by local beekeepers. 

Meanwhile the Resort’s Room2Grow scheme continues to flourish. So far since its launch two years ago more than 46,000 guests have chosen to have a tree planted on the 380-acre grounds rather than have their room cleaned. 

Louisa Watson, Marketing Director & Sustainability Lead at the Resort says, "At Wyboston Lakes Resort, sustainability is a core part of our identity. We are deeply committed to creating a greener future and continuously seek innovative ways to enhance our sustainability efforts. Our recent advancements in solar energy and the introduction of the Living Wall and bee hives are just a few examples of our dedication."

Further details of how Wyboston Lakes Resort is Taking Sustainability Seriously and Creating a Culture of Conscience in All It Does can be seen here.

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