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What are the key traits of a successful business person?

Written by Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce | 10 Dec 2021

Many of us question whether we have what it takes to succeed in business, but what qualities do we actually need to possess to be a successful business person? Is an outgoing personality a must have? Do we have to be a natural self-starter? Or do we just have to be beguiling enough to influence and persuade clients? 


In reality, any one can become a successful business person and there isn’t a one size fits all. However, there are some key characteristics that most (if not all) successful business people commonly share.


Profound Passion

Passion and diligence go hand in hand. It takes passion to feel enthused enough to sustain diligence in the workplace, and it takes diligence to keep the company strong.


Arguably, passion is the standout personality quality any successful business person has, and for good reason. Entrepreneurs succeed because they decide to do what they enjoy.


You can’t put a price on the feeling of success, and this is how a business person feels when they notice excellent results, thanks to the determination they put into their work.


Strong Work Ethic

Having strong ethics ensures not only that you maintain high standards of integrity, but that you prove yourself to be a credible business person. This is fundamental to building trust with clients, employees and peers and ensuring that you build a solid business.


Having a strong work ethic is also needed and successful business people will always be committed to getting the job done properly, on time and to the required standards.


Driven Go-Getters 

Successful business people are driven and highly self-motivated. They use their own initiative, drive themselves to complete tasks without being encouraged or asked to do so and, when things get tough, they embrace the challenges head on, motivating them to grow as a business person and strengthen the business.  


Successful business people have ‘go-getter’ at the core of their personalities so that their businesses scale quickly in competitive climates.


Creative Geniuses

Businesses that succeed are mainly built from their creator’s fierce creativity, whether that is an innovative new idea or solving a customer’s problem effectively.


In today’s cutthroat business world, entrepreneurs are obliged to concoct ideas that give their company a unique selling point - that ‘something more’ which makes them stand out from competitors.


How We Help Business People

Whether you aspire to become a successful business person, are rather new to it all, or are now a veteran entrepreneur, here at the Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce we offer advice and support to help business people become even better. 


We exist to make a difference to your company by unwrapping new business prospects in local, nationwide, and worldwide marketplaces, so your opinions are listened to by the Government or offering essential business assistance.


Why not join us and get the support you need? Visit and complete the online form, or give us a call on 01582 522 448, and our friendly team will be more than happy to help.

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