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Training your own talent

Written by Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce | 16 Nov 2021

The Bedford College Group Business Development team is leading the way by example with training up the next generation of sales and support professionals.

Learning from experienced individuals (the business squad recently boasted it had 100+ years of experience among its team), apprentices have moved on to more senior roles in the organisation adding value and demonstrating loyalty to the “Best College in the UK”.*

Director of Business Development Gina Bubbins said: “There is no substitute for ‘on the job’ learning where young people come into contact with and the absorb the experience and expertise of those who have been active in the field of business sales for decades.

“Technology is a tool which has its uses, but person-to-person relationships are vital in building trust and understanding between business partnerships, such as those we forge with employers and they have to make with their customers. This is even more important following the working from home/distancing issues raised during lockdowns and other restrictions.”

Newest team member is the College Group’s first Kickstart young person Rabia Quazi

New apprentice is Luca Perkins, he follows on from Angelo Moscaritolo who has just been promoted to the position of CRM Co-ordinator.

Gina’s first apprentice eight years ago was Paige Dearman who has been a Key Account Manager for two years, and Kyra Joy, who was shortlisted for a national apprenticeship award, has been promoted to Apprentice Recruitment Team Leader.

Kickstart is an employment opportunity for young people aged 16 - 24 where Government pays their wages. For help in navigating apprenticeships and other Government-supported
employment schemes speak to the Business Development Team at The Bedford College Group.

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