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Right FM leaves an indelible impression

Written by Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce | 29 May 2024

Winning a prestigious industry award, Community Engagement, and forging Global Collaboration aboard the renowned QE2 Ship in Dubai, while spearheading the expansion of the British Education System to Qatar, Dubai, Mauritius and beyond.

London, Luton, and Bedford-based Right FM has been distinguished with the esteemed title of Best Small Business at the 2024 Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Golden Service Awards. This biennial event, with a rich history spanning over 30 years, stands as a pinnacle in the facilities management and cleaning industry, heralding outstanding standards and pioneering approaches.

Prior to attaining this prestigious recognition, Venesa, the Managing Director of Right FM, has been deeply entrenched in community endeavours within Luton. Her contributions to the local community are profound. She dedicates her time to volunteering at various Luton-based charities, offering meals and support to those in need. Additionally, she extends her kindness by providing a special meals-on-wheels service for an elderly individual requiring assistance with cooking. Moreover, Venesa serves as a school governor at Kings House Moorlands and Luton Sixth Form, playing a pivotal role in guiding these institutions towards delivering high-calibre education.

Right FMs commitment to education transcends borders the MD actively participates as a Career Advisory Board member at the London School of Science and Technology, where she imparts valuable insights and guidance, shaping the career trajectories of students. Furthermore, she engages on an international scale, liaising with the British Ambassador of Qatar to explore the potential of establishing British schools in Qatar, with the aim of elevating educational standards and practices in the region.

Furthermore, Venesa collaborates with the illustrious QE2 ship in Dubai, partnering with UK vocational colleges to secure placements onboard the ship for hands-on training in the hospitality and facilities industry. This initiative provides students with invaluable practical experience in a distinctive environment.

In addition to these impactful initiatives, Right FM is spearheading a charity event at Mecca Bingo in Luton on 12th July. This event endeavours to raise funds for the British Red Cross, specifically supporting the Crisis Team in Bedfordshire, underscoring Right FM’s unwavering commitment to local community support and crisis response initiatives.

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