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Mubsta Business Photography - more than just a man with a camera

Written by Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce | 22 Oct 2019

Shaun Armstrong is the founder of Mubsta Business Photography, a Bedford-based company that provides professional photography services to businesses, projects and organisations.

Having recently enrolled as a Bedfordshire Business Ambassador, we spoke with Shaun to find out more about his business and why he decided to get involved in the ambassador programme.

Mubsta Business Photography was launched in 2009, with Shaun bringing together his multi-sector B2B experience with his long-term skill and interest in photography.

Shaun has over 30 years of experience working in various B2B roles both in the public and private sector and at all levels. Some of his previous roles include Operations Director at a charity and Innovation Centre Manager at Bedford Borough Council. This makes him not just a man with a camera, but a creative who fully understands business needs.

Shaun’s business experience means he can deliver not only professional photography but ideas, creativity and added-value specifically tailored to his clients’ needs, both directly and through partner specialists. 

With three core specialised services of corporate photography, event photography and wall art, Shaun’s goal is to ensure his clients have a library of high-quality, authentic imagery that reflects and supports all areas of their business.

“I work with businesses to understand what their imagery needs are and then produce a plan and deliver that image library in a way that reflects and showcases what they do. It’s to avoid companies having to rely on stock photography or in-house imagery that although high quality, isn't always appropriate, unique or engaging.”

Shaun's corporate photography covers everything from naturally capturing people at work to interesting people portraits, and also buildings and locations both in development and operationally. On the events side, Shaun documents live events, conferences and key business meetings using fly-on-the-wall reportage photography to capture the essence of the occasion and brand involvement. Shaun also produces abstract pieces and collections of artwork for installing in buildings, to help companies to be different and to start stories with visitors.

Shaun has a long-standing relationship with the Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce, having engaged with the Chamber on a number of projects in the past. He became a Chamber member nearly four years ago and it has enabled him to connect with other professionals in the local area and open up new business opportunities.

Of the support he’s received from the Chamber, Shaun says:

“Through their events programme, the Chamber is great at creating opportunities to bring businesses together. By participating and being proactive in their events programme I have built connections that I wouldn’t necessarily have made otherwise. And if you go to the Chamber for help, they are also proactive in helping to facilitate connections.”

When Shaun heard about the Bedfordshire Business Ambassador programme, it was the opportunity to give back to the Chamber as well as the wider business community that piqued his interest.

“Given all the various roles I’ve undertaken in the past, I’m interested in what goes on in the business community. The ambassador role is a great opportunity to give back and have a voice that helps support businesses in the Bedfordshire area.”

“One of the downsides of running a small business on your own is that you aren’t automatically part of a wider team or structure on a day to day basis. Working with the Chamber as a Bedfordshire Business Ambassador is a great opportunity to engage with a wider business community.”

Shaun is excited to be working with the Chamber and using his own vast business experience to support businesses in the local area. We look forward to seeing him thrive in his new role as ambassador.

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