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Member Interview: Qadeer Qureshi, Aegis Support Services – Security: SME Awards, and Beyond

Written by Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce | 26 Mar 2024

One supplier, one invoice, one request – not for nothing is this the mantra of Luton-headquartered Aegis Support Services.

The company prides itself on being a one-stop-shop for all manner of services that protect people, buildings, and assets – from security and facilities management to hygiene and training, and much more besides.

In fact, the company delivers exactly what its name means – an overarching shield that provides cover for all beneath it, whether it’s in commercial buildings, apartment blocks, education sector properties, or other sites.

We were fortunate enough to catch up with Qadeer Qureshi, CEO of the Aegis group of companies, just recently, to learn more about his business and its role as a Platinum Partner supporting the SME Bedfordshire Business Awards 2024.

Support across the board

Although ‘support’ can mean many things, what’s extraordinary is that Aegis’s services manage to be both diverse and specialist at the same time.

Traditional security services are of course much in evidence in its offering, and the company deploys hundreds of guards for manned security, patrols, and keyholding.

“We’ve recently expanded the business to Milton Keynes, Manchester, and Cardiff,” Qadeer says, “and our keyholding services alone are already used by over 285 sites in the MK and Buckinghamshire area.”

But these security staples exist alongside both more specialised roles (guarding automotive testing sites, for instance, or managing traffic at large events) and a whole host of other services that secure buildings and assets in the broadest sense.

“We help building, business, and asset owners mitigate the risk of anything that is a threat to the integrity or smooth running of the site,” Qadeer continues. “So yes, it’s about security guards, concierge services, and CCTV, for example, but it’s also about planned maintenance, dry riser and boiler testing, passive fire protection, cleaning and caretaking, and so on.”

And one of the company’s key differentiators is its training capability. “We started out in security and security training,” Qadeer explains, “and we’ve grown the training arm very strongly to include up-to-the-minute skills and knowledge our customers need to protect themselves, like GDPR.”

From community champion to Platinum Partner

When we ask Qadeer about the Bedfordshire SME Business Awards and his company’s decision to become a Platinum Partner, the response is heartfelt.

“We’ve always been big on supporting the community we’re part of,” he says. “We donate our free time and resources to local initiatives, for example, supplying CCTV to a rough sleeper charity or hosting a food drive on the weekend. We also participate in initiatives that the community feel strongly about, for example an international aid deployment, or completing The 3 Peaks Challenge to fundraise. But community spirit is more than this – it’s also about supporting local businesses.”

“When we look at the SMEs that these awards help to publicise, we say to ourselves ‘That was, and still is, us’, and we want to make sure they, like us, know we have this in our county, and urge them to enter.”

“Being a Platinum Partner gives us the platform and channels to achieve this, and to build some valuable relationships along the way.”

For more information on the Bedfordshire SME Business Awards, and to enter, click here. To enquire about becoming a Chamber member, visit or speak to our friendly team on 01582 522448.

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