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Let us help you take your business global in 2022 - and connect to your hottest prospects!

Written by Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce | 17 Jan 2022


There’s a wide world out there just waiting for your business to fulfil its needs for goods, products, and services.

But how do you tap into these international markets? And how do you navigate customs, VAT, freight, local language and business culture, and every other challenge along the way?

Sell to the world with Go Global

One answer is by taking advantage of the ARG (Additional Restrictions Grant) Go Global Business Support Programme, which is run jointly by Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce, and Luton, Bedford, and Central Bedfordshire Councils, and which will support up to 150 local companies with their international trade needs.

Whether you’re considering exporting for the first time, or are an experienced exporter looking at new markets (or indeed simply how to carry on business as usual in the wake of Brexit changes), the programme is designed to make the world your oyster!

How the programme works

Go Global gives your business one-to-one access to subject-matter experts for solutions to all the most challenging international trade requirements - from export documentation, to consular services, translation and interpreting, and more.

The programme also includes funded export training courses and workshops to give you a solid foundation of knowledge.

In this way, you can build up a body of insight that you can share within and throughout your organisation, to help create a workforce that is ready, willing, and qualified to act on international trade opportunities, with maximum efficiency and minimal error.

Meet your prospects face to face

But Go Global doesn’t stop there. As well as equipping you with the knowledge and skills to trade internationally, it also actively creates opportunities for you to network directly with targeted prospects in those territories.

The programme culminates in a virtual trade mission where you will be able to meet international buyers matched to your specific requirements, helping to kick-start the growth of your business in global markets.

Our member businesses have already demonstrated they can achieve success by trading on their home soil. There is absolutely no reason why, with Go Global’s help, they shouldn’t expand that success beyond our borders.

What’s it going to cost?

Of course, a reasoned cost-benefit analysis of any initiative is key to ensuring it delivers on its promises, but on this occasion there is not much needed in the way of intricate calculations – because the programme is delivered to you full funded, at no charge.

How do I go global with Go Global?

Programme membership is available to 150 businesses from the Bedfordshire area, and you can register your interest quickly and easily by emailing us at

Global, national, local – we’re here to help

Go Global isn’t the only way we support our members to grow their international trade operations.

There are already plenty of resources for you to consult in the dedicated global trade section of our website and in the international trade-focused webinars that appear on our general webinar page.

But Go Global also enables you to participate in our export and international trade online workshops at no charge.

And, of course, we’re here to help businesses who are UK-focused only, too – so whether you’re contemplating distant horizons or sticking closer to home, if you’re not talking to us already, why not get in touch and start a conversation?

After all, all the world’s a stage, and every business is a player – wherever and whatever it sells.

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