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Go green for trees

Written by Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce | 14 Mar 2019

Thursday 21st March is the United Nations’ International Day of Forests - the annual day to celebrate trees and all the wonderful benefits they give us. This year’s theme is Forests and Education, promoting the fact that you’re never too young to learn about trees and about how all of us need to protect our trees, woodlands and forests for future generations.

To celebrate this important, international day, Bedfordshire’s Community Forest, the Forest of Marston Vale is holding a Wear it Green Day on 21st March. The local Charity is asking schools, businesses and individuals to support them by finding something green to wear on the day and join in – doesn’t matter what it is, a pair of socks, T shirt, scarf, jeans or even a hairclip, anything counts!

“We’d love to grow this as an annual event to celebrate the Forest of Marston Vale,” says Fundraising Officer, Robina Ballard-Davis, “and if those taking part could also make a donation of £1 to the Forest on the day, not only will they be helping to turn Bedfordshire green for the day, they’ll be helping us to grow the Forest of Marston Vale – their local, Community Forest.”

The Forest of Marston Vale is a charity that has been planting trees since the early 1990s, with the bold vision of covering 1/3 of the 61 square miles between Bedford and Milton Keynes with trees. With the environment beginning to feature more strongly on national and international agendas, the Forest of Marston Vale is making a difference on a local level, creating a green heart for Bedfordshire. Already in 2019, the Charity has:
• Planted 2,500 trees in Wilstead to start the creation of a woodland area for the communities of Wilstead and Wixams to enjoy
• Given away over 300 trees to people living within the Forest, for them to plant at home.
• Planted 3,718 trees with 700 children and their families in the grounds of 5 schools.

And all this is to add to the 1.5 million trees+ that they’ve planted since they began in 1991.

Pledge your support for trees and the Forest of Marston Vale by visiting and join in with the charity’s celebration of the International Day of Forests by encouraging your school, work place, sports clubs, hobby groups, friends and neighbours to join you and wear something green.

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