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Foxley Kingham Anniversary Foundation raises over £13,000 in 2022  for three local charities; announces new charity partner – NOAH Enterprise – for 2023

Written by Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce | 19 Apr 2023

The Foxley Kingham Anniversary Foundation aimed high – literally – this year to raise funds for its charity partners. The courageous team of accountants undertook challenging, even ‘death-defying’ acts to inspire people to dig deep into their pockets for the three important local health and wellbeing charities.

Raising over £13,000 for their charity partners, the fundraising focus of the socially and locally aware financial firm was on health and wellbeing, particularly mental health. And with the lifting of the last of the pandemic restrictions, they were excited to undertake their annual fundraising activities once again and enjoy in-person events. 

The Foxley Kingham team chose fundraising activities that would inspire donations, and, at the same time, meet their personal goals and challenges.  

Accounts and Audit Senior, Aimee Dimmock, opted to beat her own 13,000-foot skydive from 2018 with a daredevil ‘wing walk’. Strapped to the pole in the centre of an aircraft’s wingspan, Aimee spent an adrenaline-inducing, 12-minute acrobatic flight at 120mph. “I thought it was crazy enough to raise lots of money,” said Aimee, beating her previous fundraising target, with an incredible £3,300.

And the tough-as-ever FK cycling team, similarly, took on a longer ride, with a 68.2-mile course up-hill-and-down-dale Ride Essex route, raising £2,800. “We didn’t expect quite as many hills,” said Steve Sansom, Associate Director at Foxley Kingham. But despite the ride being more challenging than expected, the team completed the journey in the respectable time of just over four hours, stopping just twice for repairs, refreshments and moral support! 

“I’m very proud of us,” said Steve. “And thank you to our many sponsors, including Water-to-Go who very generously gave us all BPA-free, filtration water bottles too.” Other members of the cycling team included  Duane Litchfield, Paul Bithrey, Chris Powell, Rachel Hayler, and Rachel’s Aunt Janet Davis.
Planning for the year ahead fundraising challenges has already begun so watch this space! 

The charity partner for the year ahead is NOAH Enterprise which helps the most disadvantaged in the Luton area. NOAH’s focus is on providing a practical, empowering and caring service to people who are homeless, either those who are temporary or entrenched rough sleepers; those who are marginalised; or those who have fallen into poverty. 

David Morris, Chief Executive, said, “With the Foxley Kingham Anniversary Foundation having such a high profile locally, it’s a privilege to be selected as their charity partner this year to support those people who really need our help locally. 

“We are excited to be working together and can’t wait to see how they beat last year’s fundraising feats!”

Tara Aldwin, Director at Foxley Kingham and Trustee of the Anniversary Foundation said, “Last year we raised £10k for local organisation, the Level Trust, and this year we’ve gone on to raise £13,000 to support our health and wellbeing charity partners. I’m so proud of the team and don’t know how they’ll top this year’s amazing feats. We’re all looking forward to watching them do it though! ” 

The Anniversary Foundation was established to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Foxley Kingham in 2018 and fundraise to help local causes in the Luton area.  For more information on the foundation:

The Foxley Kingham Anniversary Foundation charity partners for 2022/23 were:

●    Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Charity’s Emergency Department Appeal, supporting Child and Adolescent Mental Health Room (CAMHS) - an organisation that offers help and support to children and young people (up to age 18) who have mental health difficulties and their families and carers. FKAF fundraising will support the creation of a designated room at the Luton & Dunstable Hospital emergency department.

●    CHUMS Charity, supporting local services delivered by Chums CIC - mental health and emotional well-being support for children, young people and their families.

●    Mind BLMK works to support positive mental health and well-being through wellbeing centres and local venues to make a difference in the health of people in the community. 

NOAH Enterprise can trace its history back to 1987. Founded by Sister Eileen O’Mahony DC, the charity, based in Luton, tackles homelessness and exclusion through welfare, advice and outreach; social enterprise; and work experience and skills training. More information on NOAH Enterprise can be found at this link:

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