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Feeling the Love: Here at the Chamber, It’s Not Just for Valentine’s Day!

Written by Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce | 16 Feb 2023

With the usual yearly flurry of cards, chocolates and flowers, Valentine’s Day has come and gone again.

But whilst we hope you and your beloved enjoyed the occasion, here at Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce we believe in spreading the love all year round - in a strictly professional sense, of course.

This is why we’re all about bringing businesses and their people together to benefit from each other’s knowledge, expertise, products, and services. As one of our members, Machins Solicitors, recently put it, we are “the beating heart of local commercial life” – and where there’s a heart, there’s love!

Here’s how we open our arms to our members and wrap them in the warmth of a business-like embrace, offering opportunities, lead generation support, and more, in this chill, post-pandemic climate.

Networking you’ll fall for

When you become a Beds Chamber member, you are in the company of well over 700 local businesses with around 60,000 employees across all sectors – from sole traders to multinational corporations.

But as any suitor knows, it’s not enough to admire from afar – you have to connect, and this is where we are matchmaker supreme.

Our hugely popular Meet the Buyer events are where the Chamber team matches your business to a buyer based on their procurement needs – a significant opportunity to bolster your business growth and take your business to the next level.  These, alongside our other numerous networking opportunities, enable you and your business to get in front of many like-minded individuals and spark that all-important mutual business attraction, whether you’re prospecting for clients, or looking for partners, suppliers, advisors, or consultants – or indeed simply some friendly contacts to talk business with now and again.  (Think of it as speed dating, without the pressure, and with more reliable outcomes!) See our upcoming events here:

And as a proudly local organisation, our events calendar is also integrated with many other business networking opportunities in the Bedfordshire area - so with us, as the song goes, “love is all around”.

Connections – not lonely hearts

Of course, whilst networking is a powerful face-to-face business development tool, effective advertising makes contact with the right audiences even when you’re focused on other activities.

But we’re not talking scattergun lonely hearts ads, here. Instead, at the Chamber we’re about repeated and consistent exposure through channels that connect you to those whose eye your business wishes to catch.

From a permanent listing in our online directory, to a member profile in our quarterly Focus magazine, to Member-2-Member offers that match your products and services to those seeking them, at the Chamber we’ve got a serious crush on helping your business create relationships that can blossom.

Trusted partner, helping hand

The course of true love never runs entirely smoothly, but then neither does the course of business. In both cases you sometimes need a little moral support to keep the venture afloat.

This is why we enable members to access workshops, webinars, learning resources, and documentation, covering areas as diverse as import and export paperwork, carbon reduction, workflow hygiene, cash flow management , and many other topics that can otherwise seem insurmountable.

As many of the webinars and workshops are delivered by Chamber members, you can even demonstrate your business’s own expertise by running one yourself: a great service to those watching and listening, but also – undeniably – yet another chance to raise your profile and boost your appeal.

Ready for love?

When businesses join Beds Chamber, this is exactly what we want them to feel – the love from every quarter. Not only from a professional network, but from the dedicated professionals who run it and are always ready to offer support, advice, and guidance.

Join us today. (After all, what’s not to love?)

For more information on how to join Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce, visit, or call 01582 522448.

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