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EFM launches business growth advisory service – EFM Growth

Written by Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce | 12 Dec 2018

Luton, Bedfordshire: EFM announces the launch of their new business advisory division, EFM Growth. Separate from their more financially focused counterpart, EFM Growth is a new venture with a specialist team, working alongside business owners to support their growth strategy and overcome a wide range of commercial problems. The company’s goal is to bring together ambitions with effective techniques for business success.

EFM’s Growth Partner team is highly experienced. Having built, grown and sold businesses themselves, with strong and reputable track records in delivering growth through leadership, and offering specialist skills including international expansion, acquisitions, funding and exit planning. By collaborating with business owners and their teams to support, encourage and challenge, the Growth team can offer highly effective services including, coaching advice, driving business performance and new opportunity analysis.

EFM Growth CEO, Gary Jesson, has said “I’m thrilled to announce the launch of our latest venture. The purpose of EFM Growth is to support business owners at all stages of the lifecycle, from post-revenue start-ups, through to established businesses and planning strategic exits. It is a natural extension to what some of the team have been doing already and a service often requested by business owners. Our team of experienced growth partners is here to make a difference and help maximise the value of your business”.

If you would like to find out more information around EFM Growth and their advisory services, please visit To book a free consultation contact Joshua Lloyd-Jones on 01582 516300 or email

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