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Dunster House wins new agreement to supply humanitarian products to Unicef

Written by Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce | 23 Oct 2020

Dunster House Ltd wins a new Long-Term Agreement to supply humanitarian products to Unicef

• Being an official supplier of the major NGO since 2017, the company has won its second consecutive Latrine’s tender

• Dunster House manufactures humanitarian products as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility

• Their range of humanitarian products is already providing Disaster Relief in countries across the globe

Dunster House will be an Official Supplier of Unicef for the next two years, after winning the NGO’s Long-Term Agreement for the supply of Latrines. This agreement, which is extendable to four years, is the second consecutive tender that the humanitarian department of the Bedford-based company wins, after becoming an official supplier for Unicef for this range of products in 2017, only couple of years after the company’s humanitarian department was created. For almost five years, Dunster House has also been distributing their Superstructures and Raised Latrines to Oxfam.

The England-based company, has used its knowledge and expertise as timber garden products manufacturer, to develop a range of emergency sanitation solutions in order to help providing disaster relief in situations of humanitarian crisis. With this agreement, Dunster House will continue to supply their Latrine Superstructures and their Raised Latrine Kits, which are designed for locations with high-water table and include two Latrine Superstructures, 2000L waste tank, stairs and handrails for extra safety.

The Latrine range has been designed, as the rest of the humanitarian products, to be easy to build, safe, resistant and low maintenance, which is a key factor in emergency situations. They are also made of durable materials as 4mm corrugated plastic board, which is UV stable and can withstand most weather conditions and pressure treated timber, that protects the structure against rot and insect infestation, ensures it remains strong and helps to ease the process of importing non-indigenous timber into different counties.

Some adjustments have been added to these products since 2017 to make them even more user-friendly, so these latrines now include handles, which allow a full hand grip and eases the opening and closing of the door. These structures provide users with privacy and security thanks to its internal locking capability in the form of a simple shoot bold, and the external hook and eye locking system. The metal bars can be added inside the structures and have been designed to facilitate its use by people with reduced mobility.

Dunster House has also designed other humanitarian products as their Squatting Plates or their Vulnerable Persons’ Latrines, conceptualised to provide a sanitation solution for people with disabilities or mobility problems in situations of humanitarian crisis. These structures are ease to access, wheelchair friendly and come with handrails for additional support. Raised and Superstructure Latrines, as well as this model, have been designed with an internal and external lock, allowing it to be secured when is in use and unattended.

Over the past years, the company has been working hard to develop humanitarian products that can make a change and provide Disaster Relief, being also an official distributor of Squatting Plates for Oxfam. These Dunster Latrines Slabs, are the lightest in the market and currently present in countries across the globe. Dunster House, works continuously to provide help and consultancy in a number of humanitarian projects and develop other products in partnership with other NGOs and charities, helping to improve the life of those living in situations of humanitarian crisis.

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