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Does Your Business Belong? It’s Time It Did…

Written by Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce | 19 Jun 2023

Small businesses are stronger when they’re part of something bigger, but also when they’re part of something local. And with membership of the Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce, you get the best of both worlds, as you’re also connected to the nationwide force for business that is the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC).

And in its latest campaign, Where Business Belongs, the BCC is louder and prouder about its power as a collective than ever before – bringing together 53 accredited UK Chambers, spanning over 75 international markets, and amplifying members’ voices to lobby for change both at Governmental level and even on the global stage.

But the campaign also demonstrates that the BCC is no mere talking shop. In unifying the voices of its constituent Chambers, it has driven outcomes that have shaped the economy in its members’ favour – from reforms to free childcare, to employer funding for T-Level placements, to energy cost support, to changes to tax and NI policy - and much more besides. 

In short, the campaign is a reminder that business belongs where its interests are represented best. But how does that translate to the day-to-day benefits to your business of belonging to the local Chamber network?

A network for networking (and much more)

Two things are absolutely key here: your Chamber’s ability to help you grow your business through relationships with the local people and organisations that matter, and its ability to connect you to the knowledge, resources, learnings, and tools that support you through change and opportunity.

On the first front, we’re active in everything from our own and partners’ networking events, to targeted Meet the Buyer sessions, to annual and seasonal gatherings, and attendance is invariably strong. Our recent Summer Reception Event, for instance, drew 185 attendees - the largest turnout post-Covid – and the networking went on long into the night!

On the second front, the BCC’s Where Business Belongs campaign puts things rather neatly: “Our Network of Chambers offers practical benefits that can help your businesses set up, scale up and grow. From setting up an HR function, improving your technology or expanding overseas, your local Chambers can help your business, whatever stage you’re at in your growth journey.”

These initiatives are informed by what we learn from our dialogue with the BCC, as well as what we, as experienced business leaders ourselves, know about our local businesses and communities, and the challenges they face.

Our connection to the BCC, then, delivers real value at a local level – and it’s value your business can tap into.

All you have to do is… well, belong.

How to be where business belongs

The BCC’s campaign speaks forcefully of its commitment to drive progress, build resilience, and propel members forward in tough times, and it’s certainly an organisation with the pedigree and credentials to do that - founded in 1860, it’s one of the oldest and most influential business organisations in the UK, and it has the ear of Government.

But unlike many other organisations that protect the interests of business rather less effectively, you don’t pay to get your voice heard; your local Chamber (us!) does that for you.

So, once you join Beds Chamber, you join BCC – and your business is where business belongs both locally and nationally.

As the BCC campaign puts it, “Our future is the story of the towns and cities in which we live. It’s the story of success, often against the odds. Of the strength of local connections, pulling us through. And of the business heroes who push us forward.”

It’s a future that starts with your joining us today.

For more information on how to join Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce, visit, or call 01582 522448.


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