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ChamberCustoms to support traders in post-Brexit Britain

Written by Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce | 10 Mar 2020

From December 31 2020, the number of customs declarations made by traders is expected to increase from 55 million to around 300 million every year. The increase comes from traders who have never had to complete declarations before because their trade has always been within the EU.

The knock-on effect is that businesses who import or export goods overseas will need to do a lot more administration when clearing goods through UK ports. Being outside of the customs union will mean imports into the UK from the EU will be treated the same as those from the rest of the world and will become subject to duty and VAT.

With this in mind, the British Chambers of Commerce have set up a new service to help businesses keep trading overseas in post-Brexit Britain.

ChamberCustoms is a new Customs Declaration Service that will be delivered by Chambers of Commerce in every region across the UK. It will help businesses to ensure the goods they import or export will successfully pass through borders, be subject to the correct duty and charges, and reach their destination in good time.

By the time the transition period comes to an end and the UK officially leaves the EU at the end of the year, the service will be available for all UK importers and exporters of all sizes.

What is ChamberCustoms?

ChamberCustoms is a simple and reliable customs brokerage service run by your local Chamber of Commerce. With direct links to the HMRC Customs handling system and all inventory linked ports, the Chambers' dedicated team of experts help businesses to ensure rapid clearance of goods for import and export at every port in the UK.

Your local Chamber of Commerce will take the hard work out of your hands. They can access faster duty and VAT payments through their deferment account and make duty and VAT payments to HMRC on your behalf, or help you through a flexible accounting system to pay HMRC directly.

ChamberCustoms helps make a potentially complicated process smooth, quick, and easily transparent. The service is available to both members and non-members alike.

Why are customs declarations so important?

Customs declarations are official documents used to accompany goods that are entering or leaving a market. They list the goods that are being imported or exported and communicate the origin of the product and its relevant tariff.

Customs declarations are crucial because they enable authorities to know where the goods are coming from or going to. This allows them to control the flow of goods, ensure the safety and security of the country, and collect the correct duty.

Getting the customs declaration right is vital as incorrect declarations could lead to delays in getting your product over the border. ChamberCustoms ensures that customs clearance is accurate, timely and avoids additional costs through delays or errors.

Why should your business use ChamberCustoms?

ChamberCustoms is different from other brokerage services because it harnesses the reach, expertise and knowledge of the Chamber network to offer an unbeatably fast, reliable and compliant service.

Chambers of Commerce have been trusted by government and businesses to certify certificates of origin and preferential trade documents for almost 100 years. Every year our experts issue thousands of documents ensuring that goods can be cleared for onward transportation with minimal delay and cost.

We are the only customs broker in the country to offer a ‘One Stop Shop’ with direct links to all sea, air and road ports and terminals in the UK. Unlike most customs brokers, we don’t need to rely on any third parties to clear goods for import and export, which can often expose you to a loss of control and potentially affect the accuracy, speed and cost of your service.

Plus, as a 'not for dividend' business, any profits made by the Chamber of Commerce will be recycled back into supporting UK Trade.

The Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce is offering the ChamberCustoms service to all businesses in the region. You don’t have to be a member of the Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce to access the service.

If you would like to find out more about ChamberCustoms or have any queries about trading internationally, please get in touch.

You can also visit the ChamberCustoms website here.

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