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A new woodland for Wilstead & Wixams

Written by Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce | 20 Feb 2019

The communities of Wixams and Wilstead had a fabulous day, on Sunday 10th February, helping to create a new woodland, with the Forest of Marston Vale charity. Despite the wet weather on the day, 350 people joined the Charity and its team of volunteers to plant 2500 trees on the site on Duck End Lane, Wilstead.

Creating the Forest of Marston Vale is a long-term project for the Charity, who have been planting trees since the early 1990’s to create 11 community woodlands and turn the 61 square miles of the Marston Vale into a thriving Forest landscape. This new woodland was made possible with the support of L&Q Estates, the developer of the Wixams who gave the land to Wilstead Parish Council. The Forest of Marston Vale charity will continue planting trees on this land over the next 2 years to establish a woodland at the heart of the communities of Wilstead and Wixams, giving them green space to enjoy on their doorstep.

Ian Hardwick of L&Q Estates, said: “The Forest of Marston Vale has been making a positive impact in the local area for almost 30 years and we are delighted to support its efforts in continuing that work, and creating a new woodland at Wilstead. We want to help create positive environments for local people which help enhance lives, and the Forest of Marston Vale is dedicated to doing just that. We really appreciate everyone coming out in wintry weather to help plant the trees.”

“We thought the rainy weather would put people off coming out to help us, so it was heart-warming to see so many people, of all ages, sharing our passion for planting trees,” said Jo Roberts, Community Engagement Officer for the Forest of Marston Vale. “Today we’ve created a new woodland, a home for wildlife, and a green haven for local people to enjoy.”

The Forest of Marston Vale has an ambitious vision of planting another 5 million trees and you can find out more about how you can help at or by calling the Charity on 01234 767037.

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