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Think viruses are just computer related? Think again say Zest Solutions

Written by Paula Devine | 04 Dec 2012

Chamber Members Zest Solutions, the Milton Keynes based IT support and hardware company, have expanded their business into the hand sanitising sector by waging war on living breading germs rather than the electronic type.

In what might seem like an unlikely move, the company are now signing hand sanitising contracts across the country as a direct result of the synergy germs have with computer equipment. The average computer mouse is three times dirtier than a toilet seat, according to an alarming new study*, and keyboards are the second most grubby item in the office, ahead of phones and chairs.

Michael Sheehan, managing director at Zest Solutions says: "Closed or semi-closed environments are susceptible to a variety of infectious diseases. An infection outbreak within an office environment has resource and service implications. Sick leave would increase, temporary staff could be needed and worse-case an office could close, especially if the norovirus took hold! Moving into the hand sanitising and washing sector seems like a perfect match for our IT business, the cleaner our hands are the cleaner our computer equipment will be”.

The Germstar solutions eliminate 99.9% of germs and completely kills the norovirus and E-coli with its unique antibacterial solution which is also effective against hepatitis A,B,C and the Flu Virus H1N1, MRSA, HIV and E-coli. The solution is a liquid rather than a sticky gel and is made from 100% natural emollients and each 1 litre solution bag yields up to 1400 washes.

Zest Solutions Group is a national business solutions company who provides extensive business support services. Their aim is to enhance and assist businesses with their day to day offering and business development. *Research carried out by Initial Washroom Hygiene 2012,

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Paula Devine

Written by Paula Devine

Paula is Head of Membership and Global Services at Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce.

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