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BCC election manifesto: Brexit and Beyond

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has today launched ‘Brexit and Beyond’, the Chamber Network manifesto for General Election 2017.

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BCC: Businesses want to be in the EU, but a reformed EU

  • Businesses stand firm on staying within the EU, but reforms are essential.
  • John Longworth, BCC Director General says “whoever forms the next government must put EU reform at the top of the agenda”. It is vital that the next government sets their intentions to protect the United Kingdom against the prospect of being “in a club, where all the decisions are made by, and for, the Eurozone.”
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Business bounces back in Q4, but will it last in the New Year?

  • The balances for businesses that tried to recruit staff were at an all-time high in Q4
  • John Longworth says that businesses are well placed to grow in 2015, but their optimism may not last if ‘political point scoring’ outweighs sound economic policies during the election campaign
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