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Millbrook updates visual identity

Written by Paula Devine | 17 Oct 2013

To coincide with the announcement of the acquisition of Millbrook by Rutland Partners, the organisation has unveiled the progression of Millbrook’s brand image through a completely new website and enhanced logo.

Speaking about the changes, Kevin Moxey, Group Head of Planning and Government Relations at Millbrook commented:  “With the change in ownership being an unprecedented milestone in our long and proud heritage, this was the perfect opportunity to update our visual identity.  The new website has a fresh, contemporary feel and is easy and intuitive to navigate, but more importantly it perfectly showcases Millbrook’s comprehensive range of technological capabilities.  The overall impression definitely mirrors our confidence going into the future and solidifies our place as a market leader. "

Miguel Fragoso, CEO at Millbrook, added : "Whilst its basic design remains unchanged, the refreshed Millbrook logo is cleaner and more assertive. Its precision and high quality reflects Millbrook’s values. The logo's upgraded green and yellow combination is rooted in our strong legacy within the British motor industry over four decades, with the stripes below symbolising our extensive track facilities".

The website went live on 1 October, and the logo update is progressively being rolled out across the business.

The design of both the website and logo was managed by Millbrook’s retained agency, Interdirect Ltd.

The new site can be viewed at

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Paula Devine

Written by Paula Devine

Paula is Head of Membership and Global Services at Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce.

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