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Are you making the most of your commercial asset?

Written by Paula Devine | 16 Mar 2017

Commercial building

A recent national survey stated that owners of commercial buildings have 20% of the wealth in the UK.

 Therefore, it makes sense to maintain your property in a good condition and make the most of your asset. Owner occupiers need to ensure that their buildings are fit for purpose and as efficient as they can be in order for the business to retain a competitive position. After its workforce, a business’s premises is central to the image that an organisation seeks to project to their clients. Where properties are rented out it is essential for them to attract tenants.

At Robinson & Hall we have experience and expertise in refurbishing a variety of commercial buildings. Recent schemes have included re-roofing of warehouses, conversion of shops to offices, offices to residential and conversion of agricultural barns to form offices. Planned improvements are far more economic than reactive maintenance. Have you considered a health check on your asset?

We can provide strategic advice on:-

  • scope for energy savings.
  • remodelling your building to suit current and future needs.
  • identification of defects that have the potential to affect the smooth running of your business.
  • a schedule of building services that require regular testing to conform with regulations.

There are a variety of reasons to consider improving your commercial stock including:-

  • interest rates are currently at a record low resulting in cheap finance for improvements.
  • some financial lenders will not make advances on asbestos clad buildings.
  • well known larger portfolio investors of commercial buildings will not invest in poorly insulated buildings.
  • unpredictability of energy supply over the longer term inevitably leading to increased user cost.
  • dilapidated or poorly kept buildings are avoided by prospective tenants resulting in buildings being empty yet still incurring business rates.

We have recently been commissioned to design and project manage the re-roofing of two warehouse and production units in Bedford with a roof area totalling over 39,000 sq.ft. (3,650 m2). This project is the combined effort on the part of the landlord and tenant to restore a 1980s leaking building to a modern environment suitable for temperature controlled storage. It will allow the tenant to diversify into new areas of pharmaceutical storage and production.

At Robinson & Hall we seek to be customer focused in our approach to design and not adopt a standardised approach. We pride ourselves on giving individual attention to meeting clients’ needs, seeking to add value to the property portfolios and reduce running costs.

stuart brownFor a free initial consultation and advice on the appropriate building appraisal, please contact Stuart.

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Paula Devine

Written by Paula Devine

Paula is Head of Membership and Global Services at Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce.

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