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Luton Skills Platform

Written by Paula Devine | 16 May 2018

Luton Council have built a new skills platform, and are now at a stage to add your organisation (if you wish) on to the system.

The platform will connect Luton Council, employers, schools, colleges, students, parents, residents, universities and other providers to host and deliver a wide range of services including jobs, training and work experience. It will link to the 16 x 16 young person’s programme, the Aspiration Centre, apprenticeships, mentoring, volunteering, pre-employment support and other training opportunities.

Luton Skills has lots of great features for its members:

• You can sign up your organisation and instantly reach a diverse audience to advertise job vacancies, apprenticeships, training and placement opportunities that we can track, update and change in real time – and it’s all for FREE.
• They can work with you to create bespoke application forms, individual training programmes and site specific work experience to ensure that you are getting the best candidates individually suited to your organisation’s wants and needs.
• Being part of Luton Skills will put your organisation at the heart of contact with residents from Luton and your local communities to find the very best people to work alongside you.
• They can directly link to your organisation’s website or vacancy pages, advertise opportunities on our site and raise the profile of your business alongside like-minded companies all across Luton.

It’s an exciting time for businesses to be a part of Luton and its development, and they would love to have you on board!

All of the above will be further supported by their new Aspiration Centre - a mobile unit which will visit key areas and wards in Luton bringing our expertise and knowledge directly to local residents. The Aspiration Centre will have information on job opportunities, skills and training opportunities alongside job search support for anybody who wishes to participate. If you feel you have any specific jobs, training opportunities, events, or promotions that you feel will benefit the people of Luton then why not get in contact to be part of the proposed days.

If you have any queries or questions about the Luton Skills Platform and Aspiration Centre or want more information, please get in contact with Aftab (01582 546282).

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Paula Devine

Written by Paula Devine

Paula is Head of Membership and Global Services at Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce.

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