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Government announces local road investment

Written by Paula Devine | 12 Nov 2013

The Government has announced road investment plans including some improvements that the Chamber has lobbied for with partners.

Investments plans include:

Completion of the Bedford Western Bypass. Opens land for redevelopment, diverts traffic away from the town centre and provides a new route into Bedford avoiding local congestion hotspots.    Estimated Start Date: April 2014. Estimated completion date: March 2015

Woodside Link, Houghton Regis: 3.3km of new road running North Eastwards from the junction of Park Road North and Porz Avenue in Houghton Regis to join the proposed M1 junction J11A to be constructed as part of A5-M1 Link.  Estimated Start Date:  May 2014. Estimated Completion Date: August 2016.

Luton Town Centre: Package of measures to improve traffic flow around the town centre including new link road. Estimated Start Date: June 2013. Estimated Completion Date: August 2014.

A1 Black Cat Roundabout:  Substantial queuing is experienced on the northbound and southbound A1 and the A421 approaches to the Black Cat roundabout.  To reduce this, the scheme will increase the size of the roundabout to accommodate four lanes. Estimated start date: May 2014. Estimated completion date:November 2014

A5-M1: New link road. Estimated start date: 2014/15.  Estimated Completion Date: 2015/16

N130491 - East - DfT - Roads Investment 2014 Graphic 2-01




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Paula Devine

Written by Paula Devine

Paula is Head of Membership and Global Services at Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce.

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