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BCC responds to the Prime Minister’s conference speech

Written by Paula Devine | 05 Oct 2016

Commenting on Theresa May’s closing speech to the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, Dr Adam Marshall, Acting Director General of the BCC, said:

“The Prime Minister’s seriousness and sense of mission is important at a time of transition for our economy and our country. Businesses will identify with her commitment to taking action and delivering outcomes – something that business leaders have to do, day after day and year after year.

“Firms across the UK recognise that government itself can play a strong and positive role in creating the conditions for growth. Yet we need government to act in partnership with business communities, not dictate to them – so that businesses in turn can deliver both opportunity and prosperity. Government must recognise the huge commitment that nearly all businesses make to their communities, to their workforce, and to our national success.

“The task ahead is to make the big decisions that matter to our future, whilst avoiding populist measures that may have adverse consequences for business investment or job creation. In a period of historic change, business communities all across the UK need to feel supported, not alienated, so that they can confidently seize opportunities and deliver growth.”

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Paula Devine

Written by Paula Devine

Paula is Head of Membership and Global Services at Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce.

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