Generating new business from local networking events

"We have been members of the Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce for 7 years and it has been really beneficial for us. The Chamber put on fantastic networking events and it is always great to meet new members and we have generated new business from these events. Our experience of the Chamber has been a positive one and all of the team are so helpful and a pleasure to deal with."

Small Business with massive ambitions?

We work closely with businesses of all sizes, understanding the pressures and ambitions of smaller SME organisations.


It is about what you know, but who you know can come in pretty handy. Our networking events will put you in touch with the right people over a calendar of different events, from seminars to connect over coffee, to help you develop and grow your business.

Raise your profile

Getting your name out there is vital in helping you increase brand awareness, raise your profile and achieve your marketing ambitions. A Chamber membership can provide a platform for online and editorial visibility.

Medium business looking to achieve growth?

We understand the need for SMEs to make themselves heard on key issues so that they can continue to prosper.


So much can be achieved when you have a voice. The Chamber of Commerce can lobby on your behalf regarding a range of topics, policies and regulations. Have your views represented locally, regionally and nationally by our teams.

Reducing business costs

We're all in this together, which is why so many members are keen to give others a helping hand. Exclusive member offers are available as well as handy utility discounts to help your business in a number of areas, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Large Business that knows the difference you can make?

We know that larger scale organisations want to complement their influence on local economies and environments with the drive for growth globally. 

Go global

We offer a comprehensive package of international trade services to help companies succeed in foreign markets. Whether you are planning to export for the first time, or you are expanding on your existing activities, our team can offer practical advice and assistance.

Business in the community

You might already be addressing some of the most pressing environmental issues of today. As well as demonstrating a corporate social responsibility, there are countless business benefits to environmental advocacy. Our blog series focuses on several of these issues.


We’re all in this together as business people and Chamber members, which is why so many members are keen to give others a helping hand. One of the great benefits of being a member of Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce is that you can benefit from the experience and expertise of fellow members.

We’re also offering Legal and HR Support with Chamber members providing either free or competitively priced advice exclusively to fellow members.

Get together with your local Chamber.

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