Energy Savings


Are increasing energy costs impacting the growth of your business? Then Chamber Energy Solutions is the answer.

Designed for Chamber members, in partnership with Utilitywise Plc. Chamber Energy Solutions offers an exclusive range of products and services to reduce both energy consumption and associated cost.

Through Chamber Energy Solutions every member has the opportunity to join the Chamber Energy Alliance. For the first time, members can join together, with other local and national members, in order to leverage an energy deal that delivers a truly competitive rate.

Members joining the chamber energy alliance will be offered a budget portfolio deal with the security of no price increases for up to two years, which can be fixed 12 months in advance- and small businesses will command a powerful ‘trading desk’ capability typically only enjoyed by larger companies.

Members can benefit from a rebate on prices if the unit price drops below the portfolio rate.

For the full range of Chamber Energy Solutions visit or contact us on 01582 522448,